The Crashing Waves

Day and night the relentless fury,
Waves pounding out every thought, every emotion.
Sometimes believing one is stranded on the edge;
The edge of time – the silence between the waves.
How can the fury and the silence coexist?

Sometimes drifting towards a past,
Where the magic and the bitters,
Fall short of anything as real –
As the sea mimics the breath.
Or is it breath that mimics the sea?

 Feeling the old tugs.
The mind tracking itself.
Looking for its own source.
Bedazzled by its own constructions.

Gently; giving over to the waves,
A mind twisting to find meaning.
Turning itself- inside out.
Only to find this body, sensing itself.

Oh yes! It was all about surrender.
The mind was at home to begin with.
Being lived through a body-
A heart washed in gratitude.

Rising, falling, rising, falling