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John Travis has practiced vipassana meditation since 1969. Since 1986, he has been the primary teacher for Mountain Stream Meditation/Nevada City Insight Center. His work and teaching have been very important in the growth and development of Buddhism and meditation in the Northern Sierra Nevada region. His background includes many years of training both in Asia and in the United States with recognized masters of Buddhism, including the Tibetan, Thai and Burmese traditions. He has been a teacher at Spirit Rock Center in Woodacre, CA, since 1987. John has children and grandchildren.

Heather Sundberg is a teacher for Mountain Stream Meditation/Nevada City Insight Center. A senior teacher in Insight Meditation, trained by Jack Kornfield of Spirit Rock and Joseph Goldstein of IMS, Heather began teaching meditation in 1999. Beginning her own meditation practice in her late teens, for twenty years Heather has studied with senior teachers in the Insight Meditation (Vipassana) and Tibetan (Vajrayana) traditions, and has sat 1-3 months of retreat a year for the last 15 years. She teaches classes, daylongs, and retreats nationally, especially for Mountain Stream and Spirit Rock.

Monday Night Talks

Talks from the Monday Night Sitting Group at the Nevada City Insight Center can be found here


If you are just learning to meditate, or if you need a refresher, John Travis has recorded meditation instructions. Please download the first talk from the list below.

In addition, Mary Helen Fein has created a website that is a beginning class in meditation. It includes a series of 5 guided meditations (audio) starting with about 10 minutes and progressing to 35 minutes. The course is dana based, so you can pay whatever you can. Please go to Beginning Meditation Online if you are interested.

Dharma Seed

Many of John and Heather's recent talks are available through Dharma Seed.

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All Talks are by John Travis unless Heather's name or the name of another teacher is indicated.

Jackson, Wyoming, John Travis, October 2017

Jackson, Wyoming, John Travis, October 2016

Kona, Hawaii, John Travis and Heather Sundberg, November, 2015

Jackson, Wyoming, John Travis and Joseph Goldstein, October, 2015