The Center

Mountain Stream Meditation/Nevada City Insight Center is located at 710 Zion Street in Nevada City. This solid 1949 brick building sits on an acre of land where huge pines, tall cedars, firs and English laurel enclose it for privacy.

Barely a mile from downtown Nevada City, the Center is near two markets, a cooking school, lodging, and bus stop. This is an active area for the healing arts.

Inside, old red oak floors gleam in the afternoon sun holding zafus and zabutons while waiting for meditators to arrive. It welcomes teachers and thangkas, Buddhas and books to make this new Buddhist Center. Daylongs, study groups, events, meeting, pot lucks, and classes are now ongoing activities at our new center.

A number of local professionals generously offered their time and services to us. Landscape architect Rebecca Coffman helped design parking areas, the entrance and a master plan for the acre of existing land. Tim Brady Consulting and Dennis Kutch, Architect, assisted with interior structural changes, including the two ADA bathrooms, enlarging the meditation space and phasing other important renovations. Charlie Faber, excavation and construction, created the beautiful new driveway and a level backyard.

Get Involved

We encourage you to get involved in any way that interests you.  Volunteers are welcomed at the center and in our programs. Please fill out the form on the Volunteer Opportunities page to let us know what you would like to do and we will get back to you.

Construction Blog Archive

If you would like to view the construction process of the Nevada City Insight Center please Click Here.