Caught Between Two Worlds

The marvels of the Bougainvillea and the hibiscus.
Colors that hold one in softness and beauty.
Delighted by the visible world.
The sea in its blue and turquoise – so inviting.

Butterflies dancing in warm Thai breezes.
The jungle and perfect temperature of water and air.
With the outer world so enchanted.
Why -see, feel the transparency of such an ideal world?

Easy to want to keep this physical world in such perfect order.
Yet a mind trained to disassemble, deconstruct the visible.
Releasing the entire known world into its truth of
Its dependently ,co-arising.
The sheer emptiness of it all turns one to the unconstructed.

One could call this the invisible world.
Someplace where consciousness releases the seen world.
Dancing on the edge of the known parameters of the senses.
Resting between the edge of sea and land.

The marvels of living in a fleeting world.
Sometimes engrossed – absorbed in little moments of the senses.
Other times, feeling the sadness of your irreversible time.
The world, our bodies fading from youth, midlife, now old age.

Such a small crack- needing trained attention.
Releasing all fabrications, infedecimal moment after infedecimal moment.
Softening the heart so beauty and sadness hold together.
Truth giving answer; how can I help? knowing all this.