Just Another Pilgrim

Looking out with longing eyes.
Recognizing that in youth there was some solis.
Adventuring always to another trail,
leading you to some fork in the road.
The thrill of the new places never seen before.
Somewhere inside-
longing for a higher road,
destined like any traveler to be subject to the unpredictable.

Yet today sitting quietly realizing,
even the trials of midlife;
tore at the souls of the old pilgrim.
bruised and scarred old feet.
Leaving his armor broken and bent.
Knowing the learning is all about the sunset now.

The bravado of yesterdays sunrises… touching deeply.
As the aware mind , surrenders to its likes and dislikes.
Not buying anything anymore.
Just the senses and thoughts experiencing themselves.
Control was a fantasy, the freeing of… was everything.

 The wings even broken in places...
now knowing -even the slightest breezes;
allow one to glide through a contracted world.
Freedom was in everything, sliding softly into ease.
The small tears of grace being so grateful for living.

All this just to find faith even so very small.
Heart feeling its own wonder.
No longer needing the footpath of the Pilgrim.
But the wonder of still being alive.

Every place, giving everything – hallelujah.