Frog Clarity

Was it the concert given by the frogs?
the Dharma talk that was louder,
than the chatter of my own mind.
Until the wild roar stopped.

A silence descended through the hall.
Stillness untroubled by breath of that forgotten place.
Your own voice refused to move your delinquent thought words.
Adjusting without movement the quiet fury of the stillness, almost forgotten.

Like the great Hunter you track that breath, enlivened and focused.
Respectfully balancing a bedazzled heart and this well-crafted discernment.
You who came to this place longing for child's eyes that had grown accustomed to loss.
This river of aliveness floating on the minds inward attention.

Frogs came alive again but this time breathing life.
Some great stillness untouched by the sounds.
Breath, body, mind/heart placed on the pin point in time.
Everything lined up for a fraction of a moment.

Your mind knowing this emptiness;
Heart knowing this fullness.
All bargaining over; you have arrived.