All Day, Is Still All Day

There is this leaning forward ;checking it, again and again.
Could we be near a new beginning or a dreaded ending?
I was thinking–oops that could be the problem.
Always this imagining– having learned how to keep it simple.

Sitting on a bench near the hall; tree miraculously budding.
Loosening my grip on these sense doors and fickle thoughts.
Sitting in the tranquil presence of my own body.
Breath - breathing itself; remembering this leaning into time only a habit.

We sat together–awareness--- these sense doors--- in this grand and marvelous world.
Studying this inner/outer landscape, hoping to find something.
But then there was just -fooie and wow--- couldn't find a thing.
Some grand awakening will have to wait till next retreat. Fooie!

I knew this was all so very simple–
Clear mind---seeing for miles and miles.
A mysterious heart holding everything in this open spaciousness.
Anchoring awareness in the body knowing the ease as the destination.

So I practice, not moving into tomorrows.
No leaning into time, planning some pleasure or impossible escape.
But resting in the natural peace and ease.
That is the natural peace and ease. Confident in how it goes.