Sitting Up Straight

Sitting up straight
Correcting ourselves over and over
Dedicating ourselves to the good.
Beyond ambition – beyond attainment –
Yet some deep down longing
Correcting posture over and over.

Knowingly--- developing this fearless openness.
Reestablishing; maintaining; flexibility and resilience.
Knowing no place better to cultivate this sanity,
Determined to stay in the center of our pillow.

The posture can be lost so easily.
Darkness creep under my wandering thoughts.
Coveting the smallest little sparkles,
Dragging me 100 miles from here.

How to avoid these seductive cries?
Stories seeming more real than this place I sit.
How to overcome the sharp edge of a dead past.
Or conjure up a perfect future.

Sometimes simplicity and strength,
Coming into the sheer foundation of your own loveliness.
Living so close to this gut feeling of peace and ease.
The fire of your own voice singing praise to all awakening.

Curled up in front of the fire at home at last.
Knowingly--- bowing to the darkness.
Old friend; coming in the back door;
Ushering itself out the front door.

Straightening up again -mind at rest in soft heart . . .