where was I?
Dancing on some distant past,
hoping- believing-this reminiscing could ultimately
change the past and empower the future - magically.

Oh no, there I am messing with my life again.
Giving myself a headache.
Believing in this ultimate solution.
What kind of balderdash is this?

Knowing somehow this is not the practice.
Tiger chasing its tail.
Going in mental circles—endlessly.
Trying to out think my own thinking.

How much simpler could it be?
Letting go of ones thought constructions.
Mind – full of this holy presence.
Weaving forgetfulness with this remembering.

Suddenly the little baby turkey chicks,
weaving themselves through the windy tall grass.
illuminating the joy of the one who is fully present.
Having known what to do all along.

Yielding everything to the present—