A New Life

A majestic Buddha sitting in the center of our hall.
Resting so silent in the midst of our world.
While we on the other hand
Squirm, fidget, imaginings—everyone’s still but me.

Chasing our smallest of thoughts,
Quelling our desire—over and over again
Living in a world; just missed—
Another mind wave drawing us out, again.

Somewhere—in the Cloud
All our old lives are stored—images,
Plans, memories, dreams, thoughts, emotions.
Pulling us towards what end?

How to wake up in the midst of all this?
Making friends with all these complex monologues.
Could it be as simple as bowing to each new arrival?
Befriending even the difficult and frightened parts?

Firmly establishing yourself—
Once again finding no place better,
Than this flimsy breathe, a grounded body
And a wayward mind—With everything settled…

The heart like a shy puppy
Begins to crawl out of its hiding place.
Excited to be in the wonder of a new life.