Spring - from Month Long Spirit Rock Meditation

The gurgling of the creek
asking only one thing.
"Can you move with me"
teaching -- never the same twice -- just moving.
Asking to trust the impossible of this waiting

How to breath this aloneness
poised on a ledge of spring.
everything waiting
bees, flies, you, me,
trembling from the earth's power of renewal.

You came to this place
knowing only faith could carry you across the threshold
some fierce love so deeply buried
some moments so long forgotten
rising out of the clear mind/heart,
that keenly feels its lightness, brightness
wanting to be found, to come alive -
to its own delight, joy, steadiness
letting the darkness recede.

This great posture, unmoved by the small discomforts
sitting -- an ancient Buddha
revealing an upward spiral moving towards a moment-
a moment of disappearing
following up all the way up to nowhere.

Moving back into the known, this becoming
grabbing the smallest sound in time.
Your sensitivity yelling -- ouch!
Caught, trapped, struggle
had enough of this dying?
Please- please let go.

No wish -no need-only to journey down with gravity
revelations occur
we were never not whole.
Blessed and blessed again
by the emptiness, the nakedness of it all.
We have to give up everything to sit here;
the eyes of a wise-one and the heart of a child.