Spring Equinox - A Lesson

Before freedom speaks
you must know?
Know you lost something
someone somewhere somehow.
When a small shiver -- vibration
some tingling that causes your fingertips to stretch out;
out beyond time
someplace where that budding awareness
Leaves the foul taste and smell behind.

So a lucid calmness
like stepping through the clouds
being held in all directions
your own strong arms
embracing that seer/ that seeker
the one who promised freedom.
Your own body covered in rags
A patchwork of so many dreams;
caught in the destiny of becoming.

Today you looked under the covers
far beneath the aluring senses
somewhere where a warm heart and fierce eyes;
feet free to walk-
among the high mountains again....
unmoved but the chill of last year's dying.

Needing only a moment of full attention
the whole world disappears
all the grasping to belong -- gone
all the constructions- useless
this body-mind; interconditionality - known
wisdom well earned sees the natural state of things
Oops ! the heart breaks open.