Pilgrimage - Towards Awakening - Month Long at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

So why would I want to climb this mountain?
Maybe it was yesterday, last week, last month, last year, sometime long ago,
long before now.

A lightning bolt cut through the darkness of minds eternal chatter.
Revealing a majestic snow -- covered peak.
Somehow not knowing if it was real or a dream?
Some impulse deep down,
knowing no time to waste...

The heart frozen
the mind emeshed in fog
body not found.

Knowing the harsh need to changes us, was at hand.
Sitting down in remedial silence
watching everything like the sages, seers, seekers,
listening, listening breathing, fidgeting,
thoughts like streams of every color
darting off, landing nowhere.

Was it five days; nine days,
waiting for that inner compass
that trusted voiceless instinct
like a sleepwalker
surrendering the mind to the heart.

Humbly walking without seeing
zero visibility
heart knowing its way;
nervously letting ourselves down
on this old path
trodden by so many courageous;
seekers -- wanderers -- pilgrims.

letting go of the ground we stand on
nervously clinging to every day,
so for one moment --
the breath -- breathe all beings.
Yes! You were always whole...
The mountain was you.