Life Happening Too Fast

Clouds covering the open sky,
blueness gone, gray holding the heavens
this first day, wobbling is like this.
Shades of sleepiness. . .
mind spinning,
holding court with memories,
body–resisting, creaking or was it just hollering
why did I come?

Some small gesture. . .
this sitting up straight,
remembering the sadness,
no one can be saved-
time takes its toll.
Heart sinks with truth.

How to begin again?
Knowing all about endings.
Could it be so simple?
Letting go of everything.
Starting to practice again, breath appears–
where no breath was noticed before
life is holding itself.

These magical displays. . .
breath enters– this subtle relationship.
Giving and taking.
A wilderness of unforeseen chaos,
reorganizing itself.
Inhale–exhale - in out. . .

Could there be a place to rest
in this ferocity of change?
These elements dancing
earth, air, fire , water.
Oh yes–this knowing
it has its place to rest–readily available
mind dancing in body.

Looking carefully–close in
body and mind befriended
a sense of ease.
I knew you came to awaken.
Relaxing in the center
of this pleasant, unpleasant dance.

Oh my! Bell rings
leaving the whole valley waiting.
All disappearing–reappearing
disappearing -reappearing.
Heart quivers.