Exploring Faith - Month Long at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

In a world of shifting sands
One sees the Hawk
Perched in our Valley
Calm -devoted to all movement,
In the green sparkling grasses.

The crow dive bomb him
This is my roof, my territory, my meditation all,
My stories, my thoughts.
How dare you intrude.

Standing on this edge,
The merciless, sweet, sound of your own voice.
Never convincing you to jump.
The taste of salt and dry mouth
And the blood from your own bitten lip.

Who told you,? You could out-think this life.
Weighing all things with your golden intelligence.
That jumping into complete silence
the sheer darkness …
wouldn’t have consequences?
No matter how courageously you struggled.

Yet, your own redemption.
This simple gesture
A Buddha touching the earth.
Dissolving the madness of centuries.
A Hawk poised on the edge of roof
About to drop off into
Darkness of the unknown.

Only two possibilities
Finding something solid to stand on;
You will be taught how to fly.

Faith comes in confirmation
Like electricity–unseen
Yet it lights your path.