Endings - Month Long at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Did you say it was over.
You mean I'm kicked out
back to the world I so carefully crafted?

How could this be?
I just got here.
You must have a plan.
all this work
just to get so sensitive?

It was raining and dark
both inside and outside.
When I arrived.
Sitting quietly,
again and again
and so
the clouds on the inside
began to thin-
day by day.

You knew you came
to give up some of the old,
and frightened parts.

Remembering some faith---
the Sun having been there all along.
waiting patiently.,
day after day....
For you to breathe into your heart once again
standing firm
-- knowing for sure that the winds of change;
demanding everything.
only to pull you back into the complex- of your life.
maybe this time.
Pausing a little longer.
listening to something below the chatter.
Heart little more at ease.
One sings one song.
Mercy Mercy --