The wind whistling through this valley.
Maybe it could blow the many thoughts,
Stories and feelings out through the hills.
Scattering them for miles and miles.

Yet today setting on this sore bum.
Knees a little creaky.
Not sure why I would want to inhabit
This ignored body.

Difficulty pulling buoyant mind down,
Down into this skittish body.
Staying only a moment then off again.
Prancing around – hoping to think myself-
Out of all these discomforts.

Yet remembering this sacred and enchanted place.
Asking only to surrender to a body;
Steeped in its own natural liveliness.
Body inhabiting body.

Awareness- has this home.
Destined to feel itself one breath at a time.
Making -nothing- out of all of this.
Resting in its totality.
Body in body.
Heart--- Full…