When you sign up for eScrip, retailers will donate a percentage of every purchase to Mountain Stream. It costs you nothing. Your purchases will not cost more, but a donation to our operational funds will come to Mountain Stream every time you buy. This does make a difference.

There are 2 ways to take advantage of eScrip - local shopping at SPD or online through Amazon.


Local Shopping at SPD

Many retailers, such as the SPD Market will donate a percentage of each sale to Mountain Stream if you sign up with eScrip. SPD has two locations:
1) on Zion Street in Nevada City
2) on McKnight in Grass Valley

Suppose you spent $500 at SPD. Mountain Stream would receive $15 at no cost to you (3% of your purchase). To sign up, click here to download the form. Print the form, fill it out and bring it into your SPD market. They will sign you up and give you a special card to use when you shop so 3% of every purchase is donated to Mountain Stream.


Shop at the Online Mall

Another way to generate donations to Mountain Stream is through your online shopping. Click the eScrip Online Mall button and go to the Online Mall. This will take you to a couple of screens, ending in a whole page of links to major online retailers, all of whom will donate to us at no cost to you when you shop with them. For example, Amazon donates 4.5% of every purchase.

This is a great way to support the community without costing you anything.

If you have any questions, email escrip@mtstream.org, and we will be happy to explain the program!

If you want our eScrip coordinator to register for you for shopping at the SPD market, we can do that. Please fill out this form, and then the coordinator will call you to give you your SPD cards. You will also receive an email from eScript to set up your personal account. Please be sure to set up your account with your password.

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