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Geshe Lobsang Tsultrim

We begin with a 40 minute silent sitting. We start promptly at 6pm, so please come a few minutes early—doors open at 5:45 or so. Our speaker will be Geshe Tsultrim. He will give a Dharma talk after the sitting.

Geshe Tsultrim was born in 1966 in Tibet. Early in life, he began studying Tibetan art, and specifically sacred thangka painting.  In 1986, Geshe Tsultrim arrived in India, where he undertook monastic studies at Gaden Shartse monastery, studying Buddhist philosophy and dharma. “Geshe” is a degree that is earned after many years of intensive study and passing the highest-level exams.  It is the monastic equivalent of a western “PhD” degree. Geshe-la (a fond term for a Geshe), is fluent in Tibetan and converses in English as well as Chinese.

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