Enjoy these YouTube videos of John's Talks. Also included are talks by Joseph Goldstein from the Jackson Retreat in October 2015. Many thanks to Tony Seikel for filming and posting these for all of us to enjoy.


Date Recorded / Title / Time

10-7-15 Wednesday

Instruction - John Travis    

Intention & Taking the Refuges 21:24  

Q&A - Joseph Goldstein    

Staying Awake 3:35  

The Nature of Directing Attention 4:35

The Body As An Emerging Property 3:21

Boredom in the Practice 4:14

The Practice is About Not Clinging 3:26

10-8-15 Thursday

Dharma Talk - Joseph Goldstein

Understanding Impermanence 56.16

10-9-15 Friday

Q&A - Joseph Goldstein
Short clips of individual questions & answers

Being Aware and Not Clinging 1:40

Delighting in Awareness 6:53  

Impermanence and Non-Self 2:20  

In the Body 0:57  

The Breath and the Body 3:26  

Awareness of Breath 2:35  

Pain and Sensation 3:33