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Visiting Tibetan Teacher - Geshe Lobsang Tsultrim

Evening Dharma Teaching: "Educating the Heart"

Geshe Tsultrim was born in 1966 in the upper Ngawa region of Amdo in eastern Tibet. Early in life, he began studying Tibetan art, and specifically sacred thangka painting.  In 1986, Geshe Tsultrim arrived in India, where he undertook monastic studies at Gaden Shartse monastery, studying Buddhist philosophy and dharma. “Geshe” is a degree that is earned after many years of intensive study and passing the highest-level exams.  It is the monastic equivalent of a western “PhD” degree. Geshe-la (a fond term for a Geshe), is fluent in Tibetan and converses in English as well as Chinese.

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Mary Helen Fein - Community Dharma Leader

Mary Helen will talk about how meditation allows us to make discoveries about ourselves, some of which may not be pleasant. How can we work skillfully with our "Shadow Side?" To quote Carl Jung, "“Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.” How can we bring the shadows into the light?

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