The newsletter Dharma Stream is published twice a year by Mountain Stream Meditation. We send a printed newsletter to over 2,000 subscribers. At the same time, we also email the Dharma Stream E-Newsletter to over 1300 subscribers. In addition, a monthly newsletter is emailed to all our E-Newsletter subscribers. It lists of upcoming daylongs, retreats, classes and other special events.

The online E-Newsletter Dharma Stream is in full color and features articles, photographs, poetry, news, and a schedule of retreats and events. Contributions to the newsletter are welcomed twice a year: February 1 for the spring edition and August 1 for the fall edition. Please email any articles, poetry, photographs, or other materials to susans@mtstream.org

The twice a year printed edition of the Dharma Stream newsletter is four pages and includes a cover article and a schedule of retreats and classes. The online version is twelve to fourteen pages, and has articles, artwork, photography, and poetry from the community.

To receive the newsletter, please choose either email or U.S. Mail if you prefer a paper copy. Choosing email is a green alternative that saves us in costs.

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