Support, Share & Celebrate Sangha: Summer Appeal from John Travis and Heather Sundberg

June 2019

Dear Friend of Mountain Stream,

“The sangha is devoted to the practice of mindfulness, concentration and insight, and while everyone in the sangha profits from his or her own mindfulness, they can also take refuge in the collective energy of mindfulness, concentration and insight of the sangha. That is why there is a sense of solidity and security in the sangha.”     Thich Nhat Hanh

This quote eloquently expresses the essence of what we create and benefit from at Mountain Stream Meditation and the Nevada City Insight Center.  

All that is offered and generated here by our individual and collective practice contributes to our sense of belonging and security which nurtures and supports our spiritual growth.

Knowing and appreciating this, let us acknowledge that what is freely offered is, in fact, not free. We all have the opportunity to contribute time, energy and love in support of the sangha and we greatly appreciate all that is given.

In this June appeal letter, we are excited to report that we are growing in programs and participation. Our sangha’s monthly operating expenses now average approximately $6500.  This includes all aspects of administration and support including staffing, utilities, supplies, security, scholarships and giving.  Expenses divided by participation equates to $15 in overall costs per visit.  We depend on regular monthly donations, other forms of giving and registration fees from retreats and programs to ensure our financial stability.

This year, we sincerely appeal to those of you able to commit to or increase your donation to our Monthly Giving Circle.  Sustained income generated in this way supports proactive budgeting and planning.  As always, one-time donations, e-scrip enrollment and legacy gifts are additional ways to give and allow us to reach our giving target for the fiscal year.

With gratitude for the many ways that you contribute to the sangha and with much metta,

  John M. Travis &  Heather Sundberg

Ways to contribute and participate:

  • Online - Click DONATE button

  • By mail - Mountain Stream Meditation, P.O. Box 2510, Nevada City, CA 95959

  • Visit the Nevada City Insight Center, 710 Zion Street, Nevada City