Welcome to the practice and blessings of generosity (dana).

Mountain Stream Mediation’s purpose is to offer the heart and depth of the Buddha’s teachings for all beings, to ease suffering and awaken compassion and joy.

Your contribution goes toward managing Mountain Stream’s programs and events and running the Nevada City Insight Center, which provides the community with ca place to practice mindful mediation.

Mountain Stream Meditation

Mountain Stream Meditation serves as a collective organization and resource for the Buddhist community in the Sierra Foothills. Our offerings include residential retreats taught by John Travis and Heather Sundberg. (Schedule) Mountain Stream supports an extended sangha which hosts sitting groups, classes, and daylong retreats in northern California and northern Nevada. We also collaborate with other Buddhist groups in the Sierra Foothills.  

The Nevada City Insight Center  

The Nevada City Insight Center at 710 Zion St., Nevada City, CA, is home for John Travis and Heather Sundberg. It hosts daylong retreats, guest teachers, sitting groups, Committed Students Program, a Family program, writing & book groups, the Board of Directors & committee meetings and other events.

How to Give

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Mountain Stream is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.

In January, 2015, Mountain Stream went paperless in support of the environment.
Donor thank you notes will be emailed along with our deep appreciation for keeping the vision of the Dharma alive. If an email address is not on file, then Mountain Stream will continue to send a written thank you.