9:00 AM09:00

Daylong in Sacramento, CA

Teacher: John Travis
Hosted by: Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Group (SBMG)
Location: Sacramento Dharma Center
3111 Wissemann Drive, SAC 95826
Until Tuesday, September 11: $20 to $60
After Tuesday, September 22: $25 to $60

For info contact:  Lilliana Mendez-Soto 

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to Sep 14

7 Night Residential Retreat in Foresthill, CA

Teacher: John Travis
Topic: From Effort to Ease

Buddha emphasized over and over that it takes effort to follow the path of Dharma. Yet the ultimate result is about the nature of ease. We use effort to see into the nature of a fearful and restless mind/heart. Then the fundamentals of insight - relaxing in the deepest recesses of our  psyche  – diminishing the power of anxiousness and dis-ease.  Ultimately finding its own good heart and relaxed mind.

Hosted by : Sacramento Insight Meditation (SIM)

Information & Registration:

SIM Retreat Flyer

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to Jun 10

9-Night Residential Insight Meditation Retreat- Nevada City, CA

Teacher:  Heather Sundberg
Hosted by: Mountain Stream Meditation

AWARENESS PRACTICES (MahaSati) from the Thai Forest Tradition
Sierra Friends Retreat Center near Nevada City, CA
Pre-requisite: At least one 7-night Insight Meditation Retreat, plus the commitment to stay 100% offline and off-phone during the entire retreat.

Registration opens February 5, 2018

Retreat Flyer 


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to May 12

Householder Retreat in Nevada City, CA

Evening Householder Retreat
Hosted by Mountain Stream Meditation
Teachers: John Travis

Tuesday May 8 - Friday May 11
Every evening from: 7:00 - 8:30 pm
No Registration Necessary

Nevada City Insight Center, 710 Zion St,
Nevada City, CA

Flyer for Evening Householder Retreat

Daylong: Sat, May 12,  10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Registration for daylong is required, see separate event listing for details

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10:00 AM10:00

Daylong in Auburn - Five Spiritual Faculties

This daylong will focus on the Five Spiritual Faculties, those aspects of ourselves that the Buddha recommended we develop and cultivate: Faith, Energy, Mindfulness, Concentration, and Wisdom. Join us for a day of exploring and developing these valuable faculties that we all possess. Alternating periods of meditation practice with talks and discussion, the day will encourage us to experience these faculties in ourselves.

Registration is sliding scale $35 to $50. The daylong will be held at the Mercy Center in Auburn, and will be led by Mary Helen Fein and Maeve Hassett. 

Flyer for Auburn Daylong, Saturday, March 24

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