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The group meets every Monday:

Mountain Stream Meditation/Nevada City Insight Center
710 Zion Street, Nevada City
Mon—7:00–8:30 pm
Instructions Offered Every Monday
Center  530-265-6111
Barbara 530-272-6425


Please Carpool if possible

Join us at our new Labyrinth!

The origins of labyrinths, as a spiritual homing device, are lost in pre-history. They were found in Egypt, Greece, Europe, Asia and pre-Columbia Americas. A prehistoric petro glyph of a labyrinth was found in Goa, West India has been dated to 2,500 BC. They are associated with various mythologies and come in a variety of shapes and layouts.

The labyrinth design used by Mt Stream is taken from the design used in the Chartres Cathedral in France. The labyrinth there was built circa 1220 and has 11 rings with a diameter of 42 feet. The cathedral is a popular destination for pilgrimages, and it is thought that the labyrinth represents the long journey of a pilgrim. 

The Mt Stream labyrinth is 34 feet in diameter with 9 rings.The length to walk in and back out is 1,100 feet (2/10ths of a mile). Brick was used to complement the brick exterior on the Mediation Center, and it allows the labyrinth to be flush to the ground. The 4 foot diameter center is an Archimedean spiral from the 3rd century B.C.

Funding for the Mt Stream labyrinth came from a generous donation. The layout was designed by Rick Dondro and constructed by volunteer Sangha members. We are grateful to have such a beautiful piece of living art on the land.

Enjoy the experience and walking practice while using the labyrinth.

Deep bows to all who supported the efforts in creating it. 

Date Teacher   Topic
June 29 Heather Sundberg Mountain Stream Teacher Refuge in The Suchness
July 6 Heather Sundberg Mountain Stream Meditation Teacher Refuge in Not-Solid/Not Separate
July 13 John Travis Guiding Teacher TBA
July 20 John Travis Guiding Teacher TBA
July 27 John Travis Guiding Teacher TBA
August 3 John Travis Guiding Teacher TBA
August 10 John Travis Guiding Teacher TBA
August 17 John Travis Guiding Teacher TBA
August 24 John Travis Guiding Teacher TBA
August 31 John Travis Guiding Teacher TBA

Maeve and Mary Helen's series on the Noble 8-fold path begins the spring and continues into summer. They will complete the series in the fall.



sitting groups

710 Zion Street
Nevada City, Ca

Center   530-265-6111
Barbara  530-272-6425

Mondays 7:00 to 8:30pm
We sit promptly at 7:00 for about 40 to 45 minutes. The sitting is followed by a Dharma Talk.

Beginner's Mind Monday
6:30pm - 7:00pm

On the first Monday of every month, we offer a special welcome and introductory instructions for anyone who is new to Mountain Stream or Insight Meditation.

All are Welcome
Please Carpool
(see below)

The  center has bolsters and pillows and chairs for meditation.

Some parking is available at the Center. A "Parking Lot Full" sign will be posted when capacity is reached. Please do not park in front of the Ayurvedic Center as we do not have permission to park there. Until additional parking has been approved, please park on the street.
Thank You.


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